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Heaven Tourism is a heavenly venture, very much like the name states, we deal in giving you an inside tour of heaven on earth, Kashmir.

Have you ever been tired of staring at the same landscape, everyday? Tired of living in a jungle made out of concrete, tired of stress, just tired of doing the same thing everyday you know that you need a break, and that too somewhere fascinating with a loved one who fascinates you, with a family you haven’t been giving enough time to.

We bring to you a chance to breathe fresh air and make memories that will last you a life time, to let go of all the stress and all the monotony that has been getting at your nerves, putting stress to your mind, your soul and your body.

We are introducing travel packages, for those who thought Pakistan was all bombshells and blood, thought it was all grief and terror let’s unravel the beauty that this land hides within its mountains, its heritage and its people.

Heaven Tourism


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