Speed Wiring – Tectiqs’16

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Speed Wiring – Tectiqs’16

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In this competition, a circuit diagram will be provided to the participants, and they will have to implement it on the breadboard. The person who implements the circuit correctly in the shortest time period will be declared winner. This competition will test the skills of circuit optimization, neatness and speed of wiring the circuit. Basic circuit analysis techniques and logic designing methods will be tested

Rules & Regulations:
1. Each team will comprise of maximum 2 members.
2. The duration of contest will be 2 hours.
3. Conversation and sharing of any material between teams is strictly prohibited.
4. Circuit schematics will be provided on the spot.
5. Prerequisites for this competition include concepts related to Digital Logic Design, Circuit Analysis and Basic Electronics.
6. Datasheets for the IC’s will be provided.
7. Supplies components and wires will also be provided to the participants.
8. Participants have only one chance to get their circuit evaluated. There will be no second chance.
9. Once a team announces the completion of their circuit, time will be noted and the team will have to leave their workplace.
10. Judgment will be based on:
a. Time in which circuit is implemented.
b. Working condition of the circuit + neatness.
11. Judges’ decision will be considered final.
12. Position will be awarded on verification of the circuit.
13. If two teams complete at the same time and they are in same position, winner will be decided on the basis of neatness.
14. Any helping material, if found, or any cheating attempt will lead to disqualification from the competition.
15. Team TectIQs’16 reserves the right to disqualify a team, in case of violation the above rules, using unfair means, misbehaving, creating disturbance, or showing non-serious attitude during the contest.
16. Team TectIQs’16 reserves the right to modify the above rules and regulations without prior notice. However, such changes will be notified to the teams before start of competition.

Rs.600 per team, Maximum of 2 members are allowed per team

Winning Prize:
1st Position: Exclusive Prize
2nd Position: Exclusive Prize

November 26 2016


Date: November 26, 2016
Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Iqra University – Islamabad Campus

Plot No. 5, Khayaban e Johar, H-9
Islamabad, 44000 Pakistan


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