SAR’s Robo Move(Simple Line Tracking) – Tectiqs’16

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SAR’s Robo Move(Simple Line Tracking) – Tectiqs’16

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The goal of the contest is to design an autonomous robot that will follow a black line on a white background. This event is intended to showcase basic sensor design and robot control systems in the form of a small autonomous robot which must follow a black line over a white surface. There will be a puzzle courses. The exact details of the course will not be known before the day of the contest (but will be available 1 hour before the competition). Any how the length of course, width of lines and details about start and end point will be given.

Event Challenges:
1. The challenge of the competition is to make a robot that can move on black lines on a white background and reach the finish as soon as possible.
2. The competition area has is a special place defined for the robot’s operation (hereafter COMPETITION FIELD).
3. The participants must create an autonomous vehicle (hereafter ROBOT), that will move on the COMPETITION FIELD and do certain tasks.
4. The ROBOT which will start on the START tile and reach the FINISH tile block by following the black lines in the shortest time will be nominated the winner.

Judging Criteria:
Judgment will be done on following basis:
1. The robot which will finish the puzzle in less time according to the time measuring criteria (rule number 9) will be winner.
2. The 2nd winner will be the one with the simplest design.

Note: Runner up will be only in the 1st category and prize money will also be given in the first category. The design category will only have one winner and will only get shield, or prize money depending upon the sponsors.

Rules & Regulations:
1. To encourage creativity, there are no restrictions on the type of hardware or software to be used. Example Hardware: Arduino Development Board, PIC18Fxxxx Microcontroller, Lego Mind storms Kit, 8051 series of microcontrollers, 68HC12 or 68HC12 Microprocessor.
2. The thickness of line will be 1 inch. Color of line would be black.
3. Line spacing would be of 10 inch.
4. The ending point will be a black spot.
5. The turns will be of 90 degree.
6. Other than sensors required to follow the black line, nothing may be used to guide or communicate with the robot. No externally-controlled device (i.e., by the operator or another computer or external sensor) that transmits, receives, or reflects any energy, such as acoustic/sonar, microwave, radio wave (HF, RF, UHF, etc.), light, laser, or infrared energy may be used.
7. There will be a short practice/adjustment time before the event. Competitors must share the line following course with other competitors who wish to practice.
8. After your run begins, your robot must not leave the track. The evaluation of what constitutes ‘following the line’ or ‘leaving the track’ will, in some cases, require a judgment call. Judges’ decisions are final.
9. Every robot will get 7 minutes and they can try as many times as they want in that allocated time. But every next try will add 2 sec in total time taken by robot for completing the course. I-e if the robot completed its track in 30 seconds but in second attempt so 2 seconds will be added in the total time and the final time would be 32 seconds. But even then if the robot wants another try and his time is still available (out of those 7 minutes) and this time if the robot complete the track in 20 seconds but the attempt is 3rd so total time taken would be 24 seconds. And for the completion the best of all the times will be considered.
10. Winners are determined by the shortest time to complete.
11. In the event if no robot finishes, the robot that has gone the farthest wins.
12. If a Robo misses a node according to its algorithm then 5 seconds would be added in the time, missing three nodes will result in a retry according to above given rules.
13. Other details regarding field area such as size of lines and an idea of puzzle will be disclosed to participants.
14. Judges decisions are final.

Rs.700 per team, Maximum of 3 members are allowed per team

Winning Prize:
1st Position: Exclusive Prize
2nd Position: Exclusive Prize

November 24 2016


Start: November 24, 2016 @ 9:00 am
End: November 27, 2016 @ 9:00 pm


Iqra University – Islamabad Campus

Plot No. 5, Khayaban e Johar, H-9
Islamabad, 44000 Pakistan


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