Matlab Master – Tectiqs’16

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Matlab Master – Tectiqs’16

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Testing the knowledge of technical programming skills, logical understanding of the problems at their hand and to nurture the competitive spirit among the students, Tectiqs has a module MATLAB Master. It takes place in the highly equipped Multimedia Lab of Electronics Engineering Department. The lab is adorned with latest computers and other hardware utilities. Students of different universities will go head to head in a battle of intense programming skills during the mat lab competition. The participants are supposed to finish their questions in the allotted 3 hours duration.

Rules & Regulations:
1) Only students of different universities/institutes are allowed to participate.
2) Each team will consist of 2 members of same university.
3) Each team will have access to one computer work station, and is given (on paper) a set of independent problems which may be solved in any order. Bonus marks question will be optional.
4) All the questions including (optional question if taken) must be solved in the given period of time. There will be no option of extra time.
5) The duration of competition will be 3 hours.
6) Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited any contestant found using one will be disqualified at once.
7) Any collaboration with other teams is prohibited.
8) Calculators will only be allowed in 2nd round.
9) No use of internet.
10) Participants should reach on the given day and time.

Scoring Rules:
1) Scores depend on how many tasks a team successfully performs, the team completing more tasks than others will have a better score.
2) Simple questions will have equal marks. Each group can get only one bonus marks question.
3) In case of a tie, the team who has submitted the solutions first will be declared winner.
4) The decision of the judges will be final and unalterable.
5) Software Specifications: Mat lab 2010/2012/2013.

Rs.500 per team, Maximum of 2 members are allowed per team

Winning Prize:
1st Position: Exclusive Prize
2nd Position: Exclusive Prize

November 24 2016


Start: November 24, 2016 @ 9:00 am
End: November 27, 2016 @ 9:00 pm


Iqra University – Islamabad Campus

Plot No. 5, Khayaban e Johar, H-9
Islamabad, 44000 Pakistan


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