Integrity Idol Pakistan Award Ceremony

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Integrity Idol Pakistan Award Ceremony

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Youth Association is proud to collaborate for Integrity Idol Pakistan. This is a national movement- on the ground, online and through the media- to celebrate and encourage honest government officials across the country. A lack of integrity- which leads to corruption, inequality and insecurity- remains the very heart of Pakistan’s political challenges. Ordinary citizens feel helpless to change these dynamics, with little to do except complain about the graft and mismanagement in government.

Integrity Idol will be happening in Pakistan for the first time ever with the intention to highlight and appreciate the most truthful and honest government officials in the country. The public is gradually losing faith in the workings of the Pakistani government system, due to the constant political instability and general aura of corruption surrounding it in the country. Initiative will acknowledge and appreciate those that are doing the job with honesty to encourage and spark discussion on a more anti – corrupt system based on integrity and sincerity to the Nation.
Integrity Idol is a talent contest, not for the best singer or artist, but for the most honest civil servant in Pakistan! Integrity Idol is a global campaign with the aim to create a more accountable and honest system for ‘the people’ of Pakistan.
The Initiative has reached out Government offices and institutes to nominate officials for the run. The nominations were then shifted to top 100 and forwarded to our esteemed jury which has further pick out the top 5 most honest officials. These top 5 nominations were then put up for the public’s decisions on who should be the first ever integrity idol of Pakistan.

1. To encourage and appreciate more honest government officials.
2. To motivate new officials and those planning to join the government to help build a more transparent Pakistan.
3. To create a more participatory approach specifically for the upcoming elections.
4. To spark debate about the change we’d like to see in the workings of the government system.

5. To create a network of those nominated who can later on work together on more projects for a more transparent Pakistan.

January 25 2017


Date: January 25, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


National Library of Pakistan

Constitution Avenue
Islamabad, 44000 Pakistan


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