Graffiti – Tectiqs’16

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Graffiti – Tectiqs’16

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It is all about ARTS, testing the creative and painting skills. It also includes time management and team work.

Rules & Regulations:
1. There would be 2 rounds in total.
2. Teams would be divided into 2 groups, i.e., Group A and B consisting of 4 teams each. (if we have 8 teams in total*)
3. Group A would have team competition among each of its team and 2 teams would be selected as semi-finalists.
4. Same goes for Group B.
5. At first both the groups A&B would be given the same task and the time would be 60 mins.(replication of the same image)
6. After the selection of 2 teams from both the groups, these teams would be given the same theme but they have to work by their own ideas.
7. This would check their creativity level and their time management skills. The time again given to them would be 60 mins.
8. From this we would get 2 teams as the finalists.

Rs.1000 per person, Minimum of 2 & Maximum of 4 members are allowed per team (University)
Rs.500 per person, Minimum of 2 & Maximum of 4 members are allowed per team (School)

Winning Prize:
1st Position: Exclusive Prize
2nd Position: Exclusive Prize

November 24 2016


Start: November 24, 2016 @ 9:00 am
End: November 27, 2016 @ 9:00 pm


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