Fashion Fiesta – Tectiqs’16

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Fashion Fiesta – Tectiqs’16

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Theme: Cubism

Material: Recycled

The garment constructed should be made of recycled material of the participant’s choice
The participants must use a basic garment underneath, of any fabric
All materials used apart from the base garment will be recycled e.g. wire, boxboard, foil etc


1.) The dress should follow the European art movement of the 20th century,Cubism.

2.) Participants are required to design an evening wear. It could be floor length or till mid-calf but not shorter than that.

3.) NO color scheme

4.) The garment should be wearable and non-revealing e.g. neckline at the front should not be plunging


The competition consists of parts spread over two days.

Day 1: Illustration competition
Date: 25th Nov 2016
Time duration: 3 hours
Participants will make the illustration of the garment
Participants must bring their own material i-e paints, pencils, colors etc, only drawing sheets/papers will be provided by the organizers
Any medium can be used

Day 2: Garment construction and display based on the illustration
Date: 26th Nov 2016
Time duration: 5 hours
Participants will construct the garment (the same they had rendered on day 1)
The marking will be partially based on how clos the garment resembles the illustration
Participants must have basic structure underneath ready before day 2

Rules, Regulations and Instructions:

1.) Maximum five members are allowed per team including their model and makeup artist
2.) Participants must reach the venue an hour earlier before the competitions starts
3.) Cheating will result in disqualification
4.) Participation fees will not be refunded in case of disqualification or withdrawal

Judgment criteria:

Resemblance between the illustration and the final garment
Material usage

November 24 2016


Start: November 24, 2016 @ 9:00 am
End: November 27, 2016 @ 9:00 pm


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