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Chilam Joshi Festival, Kalash Valley, Chitral | PakAdventureClub

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Trip of Chilam Joshi Spring Festival, Kalash Valley, Chitral 14-17 May| PakAdventureClub
Adventure and Nature Explorer and Culture Lover friends avail this chance and attend the Chilam Joshi Spring Festival and have a life time memorable experience of seeing Kalashi culture with your own eyes.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND HISTORY …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
Kalash people live in three isolated mountain valleys: Bumburet (Kalash: Mumuret), Rumbur (Rukmu), and Birir (Biriu). These valleys are opening towards the Kunar River, some 20 km south (downstream) of Chitral. There are three main festivals of Kalash people. -1- Joshi (Joshet) festival in mid of May, -2- Uchau in Autumn, -3- Caumus in midwinter (Last week of December). The pastoral god Sorizan protects the herds in Fall and Winter and is thanked at the winter festival, while Goshidai does so until the Pul festival and is thanked at the Joshi festival in spring.
13th May is the first day of Joshi also known as “Flower Day”, on this day all the Kalashi Tribe People regardless of age, the well dress their-selves and decorate their houses, their business places and their cattle farms (houses) with fresh flowers and branches with full leaves of walnut tree. Go home to home, village to village and celebrate this big day of happiness.
14th May is the second day of Joshi also known as “Milk Day” – ritual of gulparik, on which the Kalash offer libations of milk that have been saved for ten days prior to the festival. They Go home to home, village to village and offer milk to each other to drink.
15th-16th May, 3rd and 4th days of Joshi on these two days Kalashi people from all the three valleys (Bumburet, Rumbur and Birir) get together in Batrit (Palhaojao or Palhavjav – their worship place name in Kalashi Lang), and they all offer their ritual ceremonies collectively.
“Average Temperatures” Summer 23° and 27 °C and in Winter rounds about 1° and 2°C. Average yearly precipitation is 700 to 800 mm (28 – 32 inches)
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… ATTRACTIONS …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
– Mardan, Chakdara, Dir(Upper and Lower Dir), Lowari Top, Chitral
– Kalash Valleys (Ayun Valley, Bumburet Valley, Rumbur Valley, Birir Valley)
– Watch and study ancient Kalashi Culture, Their Cuisine , Costumes(Attire), Living styles
– Kalashi Museum and Open Air, Open Coffin Graveyard (Madhojao or Madhavjav)
~~~!i!i!i!i—–…PACKAGE CHARGES…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
From Islamabad and Wah Cantt: Rs. 14000/- Only
From Lahore: Rs. 15000/- Only
– Limited Seats on First Come First Serve
– Families and females are encouraged to Join
– Group discount is available
– Children under age 5 are Free, 6-12 Year Children will be charged half person
Or Booking will be closed in case all the slots(seats) available are occupied and filled(reserved)
Call for more details. Any sort of query is heartily welcomed and entertained.
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For reservation:
Abdul Qadir 0333-5760105, 0301-5109807(Wah Cantt)
Mountains Mano 0345-5611619
Irfan Mehmud 0344-5867336 (Rawalpindi-Islamabad)
Azeem Yousaf 0343-6131438 (Comsats)
~~~!i!i!i!i—–…TRIP ITINERARY DETAILS (IN SHA ALLAH)…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
**Day 01 – 14 May**
03:40 AM: Meet Up at Habibi Resturant I-8 Markaz, Islamabad (and/or) Faizabad or Main GPO Chowk Rawalpindi Saddar
04:00 AM: Departure from Islamabad/Rawalpindi Saddar
04:40 AM: Pick Up from Barier No. 1 Taxila Wah Cantt
05:00 AM: Pick Up from Hassan Abdal Adda
08:30 AM: Breakfast at Chakdara or Gaddar at a local restaurant
01:30 PM: Serve Lunch at Upper Dir on a local restaurant
03:00 PM: Crossing…….. Lawari Top….
05:30 PM: Before leaving the Chitral main road rest at Ayon for 15 Min
07:30 PM: Arrival at Bumborat / Kalash Valley
– Check in at hotel
– Take rest and get refresh for the Dinner Live fresh BBQ
– After dinner, free for visit the valley or market or have deep sleep in deep valley@karakal
**Day 02 – 15 May**
07:00 AM: Wakeup call
08:00 AM: Serve the live fresh breakfast
10:00 AM: Ready to go for the Palhaojao or Palhavjav
02:00 PM: Attend the function till 2 PM and then back at hotel for lunch
04:00 PM: Go to visit for the great ancient heritage preserve The Kalasha Museum and Open air, open Coffin graveyard. Will go as a batch under the guidance of PakAdventureClub provided guide
08:00 PM: Serve the live fresh dinner
– Good Night
**Day 03 – 16 May**
07:00 AM: Wakeup call
08:00 AM: Serve the live fresh breakfast
10:00 AM: Ready to go for the Palhaojao or Palhavjav
02:00 PM: Attend the function till 2 PM and then back at hotel for lunch
– After lunch everybody is free to visit the valleys, photography and shopping etc
08:00 PM: Serve the live fresh dinner
– Good Night
**Day 04 – 17 May**
07:00 AM: Wakeup call
08:00 AM: Serve the live fresh breakfast
09:00 AM: Rollback call
– Good Bye Kalash Valley
– Check-out hotel and Left the valley – Start journey back to home sweet home
12:00 PM: Crossing Lawari Top
02:00 PM: Serve Lunch at Upper Dir on a local restaurant
08:00 PM: Serve Dinner in Mardan on a local restaurant
09:30 PM: Drop participants at Hassan Abdal Adda
09:40 PM: Drop participants at Wah Cantt
10:40 PM: Drop participants in Rawalpindi
*** Good Bye and Good Luck – Keep in touch and stay tuned for more adventurous travels in future ***
~~~!i!i!i!i—–…PACKAGE DETAILS…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
✓Luxury Transport (2-Way)
✓ Lunch, Cold Drinks/Tea & Refreshments (which provided from club or included in meal)
✓Professional DSLR Photography
✓Cell Phone Portable Charger (Power bank for phone charging)
✓Local Area Guide (If Needed or Provided)
✓ Basic First Aid Kit
✓ Hotel night stay on sharing basis (if applicable for more than 1 day trip)
✓ Jeep on sharing basis (if applicable or provided by the club)
✓ Fishing Kit, Hiking/Rock Climbing/Rafting/Paragliding/Swiming gear – Camping/Tents/Travel Bags/Night Sleeping Kit etc (if applicable or provided by the club)
✗Internet Facility
✗Beverages & Phone calls or other expenses of personal nature
✗Extra expenses due to road blocks or other reason
✗Any Extra Expenses or Anything not mentioned above
✗Personal Insurance
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… IMPORTANT NOTES…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
– Attire (Dress Code):- Wear easy dress like Jeans, six pockets trouser, T Shirt, joggers, close shoes, trekking shoes (avoid any open chappal, sandal or heal)
*** Special Note ***
“Keep warm clothing with you particularly for night outing and outside dinner”
– If you use any sort of medicines or lifesaving drugs on regular basis then must do remember to keep them with you and also update the club responsible or share this info with the guide who is travelling/leading the convoy from club side
– Must keep your original ID card with you at any cost
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… PAYMENT MODE…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
You can simply subscribe this trip by filling our online from, or just SMS or call us at 0333-5760105 (Abdul Qadir), and make your payment via Easy Paisa, Omni Paisa, Cash by Hand, Online Bank Transfer / ATM transfer or Direct Bank Deposit in any of the following bank account:
Standard Charter Bank Account:
Account Title: Abdul Qadir
Account no: 01173713401
IBAN: PK29SCBL0000001173713401
Payments through Easy Paisa:
Easy Paisa Account Title: Abdul Qadir
Easy PaisaAccount no: 034556116191
By Hand Payment at Office:
Abdul Qadir – 0333-5760105, Irfan Mehmud – 0344-5867336
Payments through MobiCash, Omni Paisa, Time Pey, U Paisa:
Name: Abdul Qadir, Mob No: 0333-5760105, CNIC: 37406-7902849-3
Note:- After making any payment call/sms/email us to confirm your payment successfully received.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… CANCELLATION TERMS & CONDITIONS …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
Cancelling before passing last registration date – No Cancellation charges.
Cancelling after passing the last registration date – 50% Cancellation Charges of the total trip amount.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… DISCLAIMER …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
PakAdventureClub is a copyrighted registered company from Government of Pakistan, and working to promote tourism. For such kind of trips we provide no insurance or personal nature of security to any fame or reputed person, we also not assume any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred during the trip.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… TRANSPORT PARTNER…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
Choudary Tours, Wah Cantt.

May 14 2017


Start: May 14, 2017 @ 5:00 am
End: May 17, 2017 @ 1:00 pm


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