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A Day trip Qilla Katasraj & Khewra Salt Mines | PakAdventureClub

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One Day Trip of Qilla Kattasraj & Khewra Salt Mine on Sunday 29 Jan | PakAdventureClub
Hello Friends, Lets join us on this one day group trip to Qilla Kattasraj & Khewra Salt Mine and visit the Allah’s gift to Pakistan, a man-made architectural wonder of Khewra Salt Mine and preserved history of ancient civilization in Kattasraj Temple to make your weekend memorable.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND HISTORY …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
Khewra Salt mine is second largest mine of the world which is situated in Khewra city, District Jhelum, Punjab. From capital city Khewra is situated 200 Kilometer away and from Lahore it is situated 245 kilometers away. This largest salt mines is 945 feet away from the sea level. When we read the history and discovery of this Salt mines we came to know that in 326 BC the greatest Army was here to fight against Raja Porus and during this horses of Alexander licked of out crop salt. It is being supposed that twenty million and twenty lace salt is present there. This salt mine is also called the ‘Natural Museum on the Earth’.
Because of this Salt mines Khewra has become a visiting place where people come from fare away areas to see this Salt mine. There are many facilities available for the visitors. To go inside the mine Electric train is being used which is operated by 1930’s historical engine. This mines is build up in 1877 under the guidance of Dr. Warth is now turned in to visiting place. In every season the temperature of this Salt mine remain 18 degree C. For the beauty and the clearance of salt mine there are enough lights. The length of the mine is 300 km. It is consisted on 17 stories and the ground floor is opened for the visitors. From this salt mine 50% salt is taken and 50% in left behind according to the rules and the regulations in order to support the range of the mine.
Inside the mine there are many points which attract visitors. A beautiful salt mine is there inside. For the brightness and the golden shine the light bulb are fixed inside. This salt mosque is really amazing. Inside the mine you will fine few rooms which were used as post office during British region. On point is called Shees Mahal or place of the mirror where shiny salt is discovered. Like stars Salt shines there. Different designs of salt are made on the walls which increase the beauty of the mine. A beautiful tunnel with shining salt crystal in the roof and walls are illuminated by colorful lights.
Inside the mine there are small ponds if salty water. The reflection of the lights produces different colors which give a beautiful effect. Replica of Minar E Pakistan which is made of Salt bricks attracts people. A statue of national poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a model of the Great Wall of China, a beautiful mosque made up of colorful bricks of salt stone and a model of Mall Road of Murree makes the mine more beautiful. A cafeteria is there for the refreshment. At last but not least this salt mines has become a most visited place.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… ATTRACTIONS …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
♈ During the visit of Kohistan-e-Namak, inside the Khewra Salt Mines you can see
♈ Statue of National poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal
♈ Model of Minar E Pakistan
♈ Beautiful crystal salt tunnel shining
♈ Models of Shees Mahal, The Great Wall of China and Mall Road of Murree
♈ Lamps and other Salt made handicrafts
♈ During the visit of Kattasraj Temple
♈ Ancient holy place of Hindus
♈ Lake formed by the tears of Shiva Devta (as of tales by Brahmas)
♈ Place where Al-Biruni wrote his book “Al-Muhand” and also calculated the diameter of earth.
♈ Prehistoric tools and weapons
~~~!i!i!i!i—–…PACKAGE CHARGES…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
From Islamabad and Wah Cantt: Rs. 1600/- Only
⛔ Limited Seats on First Come First Serve
⛔ Families and females are encouraged to Join
⛔ Group discount is available
⛔ Children under age 5 are Free, 6-12 Year Children will be charged half person
Call for more details. Any sort of query heartily welcomed and entertained.
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For reservation:
♐ Abdul Qadir 03335760105 | 03015109807
♐ Mountains Mano 03455611619
♐ Irfan Mehmud (Lahore) 03365867333 | 03445867336
~~~!i!i!i!i—–…TRIP ITINERARY DETAILS (IN SHA ALLAH)…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
06:30 AM: Meet Up at Basti Chowk, Lalarukh Wah Cantt
06:40 AM: Departure from Wah Cantt
08:15 AM: Meet Up at Habibi Resturant I-8 Markaz, Islamabad
08:25 AM: Departure from Islamabad
10:00 AM: Relax break during journey
11:45 AM: Arrival at Katas Temples
– Photography, Gossips, Talk Shawk, Stay
01:30 PM: Departure from Katasraj for Khewra
02:00 PM: Arrival and Serve Lunch at Khewra
02:30 PM: Distribution of Salt mine entry tickets
– Sightseeing, Photography, Gossips, Talk Shawk, Stay
04:00 PM: Departure for Islamabad/Wah Cantt
07:00 PM: Arrival Back in Islamabad
08:00 PM: Arrival Back in Wah Cantt
~~~!i!i!i!i—–…PACKAGE DETAILS…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
✓Luxury Transport (2-Way)
✓ Lunch, Cold Drinks/Tea & Refreshments (which provided from club or included in meal)
✓Professional DSLR Photography
✓Cell Phone Portable Charger (Power bank for phone charging)
✓Local Area Guide (If Needed or Provided)
✓ Basic First Aid Kit
✓ Hotel night stay on sharing basis (if applicable for more than 1 day trip)
✓ Jeep on sharing basis (if applicable or provided by the club)

♐ Internet Facility
♐ Camps/Tents/Hiking Gear/Boating or Swimming Gear
♐ Travel Bags
♐ Beverages & Phone calls or other expenses of personal nature
♐ Extra expenses due to road blocks or other reason
♐ Any Extra Expenses or Anything not mentioned above
♐ Personal Insurance
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… IMPORTANT NOTES…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
– Attire (Dress Code):- Wear easy dress like Jeans, six pockets trouser, T Shirt, joggers, close shoes, trekking shoes (avoid any open chappal, sandal or heal)
– Must Keep your original ID card with you at any cost
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… PAYMENT MODE…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
You can simply subscribe the trip by filling our online from or message us on event page, or just SMS or call us at 0333-5760105 (Abdul Qadir), and make your payment via Easy Paisa, Omni Paisa, Cash by Hand, Online Bank Transfer / ATM transfer or Direct Bank Deposit, Details are as follows:

Standard Charter Bank Account:
Account Title: Abdul Qadir
Account no: 01173713401
IBAN: PK29SCBL0000001173713401

Payments through Easy Paisa:
Easy Paisa Account Title: Abdul Qadir
Easy PaisaAccount no: 034556116191

By Hand Payment at Office:
Abdul Qadir – 0333-5760105, Irfan Mehmud – 0344-5867336

Payments through MobiCash, Omni Paisa, Time Pey, U Paisa:
Name: Abdul Qadir, Mob No: 0333-5760105, CNIC: 37406-7902849-3

Note:- After making any payment call/sms/email us to confirm your payment successfully received.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… CANCELLATION TERMS & CONDITIONS …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
Cancelling before passing last registration date – No Cancellation charges.
Cancelling after passing the last registration date – 50% Cancellation Charges of the total trip amount.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… DISCLAIMER …!i!i!i!i —–~~~
PakAdventureClub is a copyrighted registered company from Government of Pakistan, and working to promote tourism. For such kind of trips we provide no insurance or perosnal nature of security to any fame or reputed person, we also not assume any liability for any injury, loss or damage incurred during the trip.
~~~!i!i!i!i—–… TRANSPORT PARTNER…!i!i!i!i —–~~~
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January 29 2017


Date: January 29, 2017
Time: 6:30 am - 9:00 pm


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